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Installation of Water Supply Connector:

* Make sure you are Hooking up to the Cold Water.
  1. Self Piercing Valve:

    When using the "SELF PIERCING VALVE" on copper lines instead of the "easy connector" described below. Mount and tighten the "self piercing valve" on the copper line in a easy to reach place. Turn the saddle valve clockwise all the way in. This drives the sharp end of a sharp metal pierce into the copper tubing and will pierce a tiny hole. This is the "OFF" position for your new RO system. Leave it like this until later in the installation process.

  2. Easy Connector (Water Supply Connector + Deliver-Valve) included !

    • The water supply connector that comes with the unit is made up of two parts;
    • Water Supply Connector 1/2" male x 1/2" female NPT. Simply disconnect cold water line from angle stop bottom or from faucet stud on top. Complete with cone-washer and seal.

Water Supply Connector 1/2"MIP x 1/2"FIP(L:36m/m)

Deliver-valve 1/4"MIP x 1/4"OD1/4"
  • Assemble the water supply connector by inserting the Deliver-valve. Screw the deliver-valve into the side of the water supply connector using 3 to 4 wraps of Teflon tape.

  • Disconnect the water supply line from the cold water faucet underneath sink. Attach and tighten water supply connector assembly being careful not to pinch or crimp any tubing or water supply line while tightening.

Water Supply Connector.


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