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Start Up Procedure:

  1. With everything connected, turn on the water check for leaks.

  2. Make sure the storage tank shut-off valve is 'OFF' . Open the sink top faucet.

  3. Within a few minutes (up to 15) the water will start to run from the faucet slowly.

  4. Let the water run for at least 30 minutes. This flushes the carbon filters on first time use.

  5. After initial flushing, open the shut-off valve on the tank and close the sink top faucet.

  6. Tank will now fill (Usually 2 to 3 hours) After the tank has filled, open the sink top faucet and drain all the water until the storage tank is empty and there is only a small flow from the sink top faucet.*** DO NOT USE FIRST TANK OF WATER.***

  7. Close the sink top faucet. The system is now ready for use.


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