PurePro® Countertop RO Systems

Astroboy , ET-PURE , MH943 , JA103 , JA303 , JA503 , JA703



PurePro® Astroboy 
countertop smart RO system

LCD display tell if the filter to be replaced.



This is your DREAM
If you want have fresh, clean water, you need it , right in your kitchen. is your dream system. is the first water system designed to into any space, any budget, and any kitchen. installation, just plug & drink. Perfect for apartments, condominiums, homes, retirement homes students.

Advanced RO technologies
ASTROBOY are designed provide top quality water your customers who 'or don't want to an under sink . Built-in the automatic flushing self-cleaning procedure, its always remains clean. Water stands still for longer time to avoid growing. You can get the best quality water. 

Smart Microprocessor control system
This systems gives a readout for all of the RO . If the system has problem, it tells you the problem is. display shows the service of filter and if these filters need be replaced, and it so smart ! know which filter will expired. (we are the manufacturer to build technologies into our R/O ) click here for information.



Build-in Booster Pump
Astroboy can be anywhere you need, even low water pressure (can install it outdoor / motor home / boat or where the source contains higher than normal of dissolved solids.) And is so easy to . Most important, it made by PurePro Water , the leader in the RO industry for more ten years. So that high-quality water you count for years to .



Multi-function tank
Separately design for storage tank & filters. can take the away to anywhere you or put it into dispenser.

Build-in Smart microprocessor control .
Complete 5 stage osmosis water filter system.
Build-in high capacity pump.
Extremely versatile RO .
Easy installation, just & drink 
LCD display to the service life of &;
LCD display to which filter needs to replaced.
Warning if the was expired or out use.
Auto shut-off when feed water come in.
Self-cleaning procedure to flushing membrane. (every 8)
Quick-connect fitting for maintenance.
Versatile /Portable water tank fits any bottle dispenser.
Best Travel Companion. 
Wide Application: Countertop / Outdoor / Motor home / Boat



(Stage 1) Inline 5 Sediment Filter :
With only five rating. It is effective removing dirt, rust sand particles.
(Stage 2) Inline Activated Carbon Filter:
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and chemicals. It provides reduction of taste, odor, color.
(Stage 3) Inline Activated Carbon Filter :
It provides effective to protect your membrane. provides for improved performance up to 95% TDS rejection.
(Stage 4) Reverse Membrane:
A thin film (TFC) high quality membrane processes 80 gallons day. It remove the hard water contaminants may be present in water: lead, cooper, , chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, , nitrite, nitrate, and .
(Stage 5) Inline Carbon filter:
This carbon post removes objectionable tastes and to enhance the of your drinking water. are using NSF post carbon to guarantee taste of water.


Production: 80 GPD / 300 LPD 
Water storage tank: 4.5/ 17 liters  
With a transformer:
-Input in AC 110, 220Volt or 240Volt (50/60Hz).
-Output in DC24V 
Wattage: 30W
Operation pressure: 10 -100 psi 
Dimensions: (cm)36 (L) 46(H) x 25 (W) 
Weight: 12.5 kg 



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PurePro® Countertop RO Systems

Astroboy , ET-PURE , MH943 , JA103 , JA303 , JA503 , JA703