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Asked Question for Water


Q: How to produce water?

direct current to both of the electrolytic cell in the diaphragm is installed. movement of electrons gives the at (+) pole more , and the (-) pole oxalic acid ions. These hydrogen oxalic acid ions activate, the water with more hydrogen and dissolved oxygen becomes acidic, the water with more acid ions becomes alkaline. Alkaline water contains much inorganic mineral becomes drinking water. The ionized water has sterilization effect can be used for healing problems. Acidic ionized water also compatible with outside of human body acidity of pH5.5 it is used as and body wash for , and hair protection.


Q: Where are Water currently manufactured?
Water Ionizers are manufactured two countries, Japan and Taiwan. are currently manufactured in States. There are water on the market being sold American Made, however all parts are imported from Japan, Taiwan, and simply assembled in US.


 Q: The Feature of water?

improves when the molecular is smaller. Small clusters make easier to dissolute and matter within the body. fact is important because excess matter is the reason aging and disease. Alkaline ionized has small clusters with high and dissolute, so you waste matter from the body .

2) Abundant active mineral Minerals also called inorganic matter or matter. There are many minerals. They are found animals and vegetables, food and . These minerals smoothen our and maintain a balance. ; Mineral absorption - Activated form minerals are much better in the body.

3) Good restoration

saprogenic bacteria in organs increases beneficial bacteria.
are about 100 kinds bacteria, up to a living in the large , and are classified as both and harmful depending on the species. Alkaline ionized water saprogenic bacteria to prevent . Alkaline ionized water is the water that can restore beneficial bacteria in the .

active oxygen
oxygen is oxygen that bonds or combines with surrounding . Active oxygen is unstable and has with fewer electrons. active oxygen possesses higher oxidizing , and is related directly to and disease.

4) Abundant hexagonal water

molecules consist of 13 ~ 15 molecules. Hexagonal water, water with 6 water molecules, the most stable and natural the human body. One cell molecule is connected about 70,000, 60~65% of them hexagonal water molecules. The favors this kind of water. cell that suffers with less hexagonal water.

- Lower the temperature of like iced water.
- Electrolyze water with abundant .
- Go through magnetic treatment.



Q: How long have Ionizers been on Market ?
Water Ionizers have been in the orient for over years and in the States for about 10 years. were popularized in Japanese began to become somewhat common around the mid 1980's. Several models imported in recent from Japan are no longer manufactured although getting filters for units usually does not a significant problem, although they sometimes be costly.


Q: What is pH?

1) Acidity and alkalinity

= the unit that indicates density of acid and alkaline water.
becomes acidic with increased acid, and alkaline with increased ions. The measuring unit of and alkalinity is indicated pH values, e.g., pH 7 considered neutral. Each numerical increment 10 times more hydrogen or oxalic acid. For example, increase of 1 in pH table means 10 times alkalinity. A decrease of 1 means 10 times more acidity.

2) Maintaining pH balance

human body tends to body fluid at pH7.3 according the homeostasis function. The tries to maintain the balance each organ with alkaline of pH8.8 from the as the peak. However, consistent constitution will result in 'self-protection function in the . Even though there is no sign of disease, alkaline will support the body homeostasis functions. Alkaline water drinking prevents geriatric disease because it the body against acidification of physical constitution.



Q: Should a Water have a fuse or circuit breaker?
Water Ionizer should have three prong plug and thick wire. Two prong plugs as they do with other appliance. It does not whether a Water Ionizer a fuse or a circuit , although circuit breaker Water have thin electrical wires, prong plugs and weak transformers overheat. Thus they often circuit breaker rather than fuse which would often need be replaced.


Q: Why do different Ionizers come with a different levels of intensity?
Water Ionizer should have least 3 levels of intensity chose from. This is because Ionized Water is extremely and people who have toxins up in their system suffer reactions such as headaches diarrhea. This is especially the elderly because they have built up many toxins their bodies over the . Also those who have a poor diet or have a lot of medicine. Having 4 levels simply offers the of more levels of strength chose from, thus allowing build their tolerance for Water more slowly if they .


Q: Does the volume water that a Water per minute an important to ? Are some Water Ionizers the market stronger than other Ionizers?
home Water Ionizers currently that deliver approximately 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per minute. There very little difference between strength of the various Water on the market. Ionized a 10 pH or takes only a unflattering , as though it is . The slower you run a Water Ionizer, the it will become because the water has more contact with the electrodes. This is the flow rate of Ionizers essentially does not matter. you wish to drink Water then running the water through it very slowly accomplish this.



Q: Does it matter the electrodes on a are composed of?
The electrodes are one the most important components of Water Ionizer. It is suggested that there are units the market that have electrodes and this simply not the case. All Water currently manufactured have titanium electrodes have been dipped in , which is one of the cost of a Water . It is important to note the electrodes are coated , not electroplated with it.


Q: There have been made by water ionizer manufacturers they use solid platinum . this true?
This can not be because it would not in the performance of the ionizer. Water Ionizer manufacturers use because it is hard lasts many years. They coat titanium with platinum because it good conductor and it . However, to manufacture electrodes that solid platinum would make no . It would be very , nearly tripling the prices of electrodes, and it would improve the quality or strength the Ionized Water produced . Platinum is also a soft metal, which would not suitable or practical for platinum-pure electrodes since they must comprised of a hard as titanium if they expected to last several years. comprised of pure platinum not last any longer than -titanium electrodes.



Q: Do all Water have a carbon filter? some carbon filter have impregnation?
All continuous flow Home Ionizers on the market have carbon filter. The carbon the filter is silver impregnated order to retard bacterial . silver that is impregnated the carbon will NOT leach the water. Every major of carbon filters in the produces carbon filters with . There are no Water currently manufactured that use arsenic their filters as has been .


Q: What is the of having UV light a Water Ionizer?
The purpose of UV is for bacterial disinfection. However, a Water Ionizer this unnecessary for several reasons. you have city (municipal) water your water has already through the use of . The carbon filter on the Ionizer will remove the . UV light itself loses of its effectiveness after the six months of use should be replaced often, which of course an expensive . , the glass tube that water travels through in order it can be exposed the UV light develops on it after only few months, which greatly lessens effectiveness of the UV on the water which passes the tube.


Q: Do Water Ionizers fluoride from the water as have claimed?
There have been statements regarding Water Ionizers removing fluoride municipal water. Water Ionizers can remove anything from the . To Ionize means simply to or loose an electron. and type of minerals are present in the water ionization is the same ionization. In every test we aware of, no more 50% of the fluoride in water was lost on alkaline side of the Ionized . This means that half not all of the fluoride the Ionized Water after had migrated to the acidic of the ionization process which into the drain. However, must be clearly stated that ionizing water does NOT fluoride from the Ionized on the alkaline side.



Q: Why drink alkalized ?
Our bodies should have blood pH value of 7.36 to 7.44   Due to our modern and consumption of meats, dairy, & processed sugars, these ash in the body. the water we drink be acidic adding to the ’attempts to maintain its natural value. (click here for more)





F.A.Q. for RO units , tips for sell more ro , what customer say , FAQ for water ionizer , FAQ for aquarium RO units , technical paper , why is RO better?