PurePro® S-Series RO Systems

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PurePro® S500-UV 

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-cartridges RO systems
S500-M reverse osmosis system uses most advanced water treatment technology . Reverse Osmosis is recognized as of the best available for producing high quality drinking . It's also the same method by many bottled water to make safe and great drinking water.

newly designed S series S500-UV is user friendly with design in mind. It requires tools for filter changes. Use and quick-change cartridge design makes changes fast, clean and . The stainless steel tanks is and will not rust . This space saving allows use of your under counter .



Easy Installation
The stylish design the PurePro S500 system created to fit in any kitchen environment. economical, friendly, easy-to-install easy-to-maintain solution to your water needs. Use -connector design makes fast and easy.



Quick-change cartridges (No tools !)
Replacing the filters this system is one the easiest to . Quick-Change Filter Cartridges make replacement fast, clean & easy, without contact with filter material . Mess, No Fuss with filters just remove the ones and install new filters.


3.2 Gallons Stainless Steel . (plastic tank or steel tank is optional)
Complete 5 stage osmosis water filter system.
Use twist and -cartridge design makes filter fast, clean and .
Automatic Shut-off Valve (valve for booster pump )
Flow Restrictor, Stainless Check Valve. 
Long Reach Chrome (upgrade faucet is acceptable).
Feed water connector & deliver valve 
Drain Saddle Valve.
Easy installation, just & drink 
Quick-connect fitting for installation.
Completely Assembled & leaking testing
100% Factory Tested Sterilized Ready for Installation.
High capacity booster . (optional)
UV stainless steel. 1 gallon per minute (optional)


(Stage 1) 5 Micron Filter :
With only five rating. It is effective removing dirt, rust sand particles.
(Stage 2) Granular Carbon Filter:
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and chemicals. It provides reduction of taste, odor, color.
(Stage 3) Granular Carbon Filter :
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and chemicals. It provides reduction of taste, odor, color.
(Stage 4) Reverse Membrane:
A thin film (TFC) high quality membrane processes 50 gallons day. It remove the hard water contaminants may be present in water: lead, cooper, , chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, , nitrite, nitrate, and .
(Stage 5) Inline Carbon filter:
This carbon post removes objectionable tastes and to enhance the of your drinking water. are using NSF post carbon to guarantee taste of water.
(Stage 6) Ultraviolet Sterilizer:
Ultraviolet light (UV), natural part of the is widely accepted a reliable, efficient & friendly solution for disinfection. This UV lamp the application of efficient UV radiator with 254nm wave length cause immediate death for and wipe out ability to survive and . 99.99% DESTRUCTION OF AND VIRUSES


Production: 50 GPD / 189 LPD 
Water storage tank: 3.2/ 12.2 liters  
With a booster (optional):
-Input in AC 110, 220Volt or 240Volt (50/60Hz).
Operation pressure: 10 -100 psi 
Dimensions: (cm)27 (L) 39.8(H) x 22.5 (W) 
Weight: 8.5 kg 

Model Number
S500-P : S500 booster pump
S500-UV: S500 with sterilizer
S500-P-UV : S500 booster pump and UV


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PurePro® S-Series RO Systems

S500-M , S500-UV , S500-MUV