PurePro® Office RO Systems

Bonnie , CW-929P , CW-698P , PR-C , ST-BD



PurePro® Stainless Steel Water Cooler 

Stainless Steel

Easily combined RO units !



Polished stainless steel dispenser for the ultimate designer look. Upgrading to water cooler is like a stainless steel fridge in one’s home.

Designed to PurePro’s requirements, the water cooler also benefits from a display for a 21st look.

Product Features:
RO Water + Taste!
Designer Bottleless Water
Quality Components
5 Stages of Purification
RO or UV Filter Option
pH Balance Filter ()
Mineral Replacement (optional)
Stainless steel for designer look
Stainless Steel Reservoirs
Hot, Cold and Water Dispensers

, Low Cost Drinking Water
Heavy Bottles to lift store
Sanitation and Health
Water Filter Equipment
Water Dispenser is Green



With your own water filter system working you twenty-four hours day, you can have much purified water at touch of a whenever you want it. to use all you , clean, safe water tap, and no more to the store.



Chilling up to 10 liters per hour
Heating up to 23 liters per hour
RO Production: 50
Input in AC 110, 220Volt or 240Volt
Dimensions: (cm) 41 () x 42 (D) x 127 (H)
Weight: 27.5 kgs

Model Number
ST-BD (Body Only)
ST-EC105 (Built-in EC105)
ST-EC105P (Built-in EC105P)
ST-EC105UV (Built-in EC105UV)




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PurePro® Office RO Systems

Bonnie , CW-929P , CW-698P , PR-C , ST-BD