Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. for RO units

What is PurePro Home Reverse Osmosis System ?

PurePro RO Systems is a Home Drinking Water System that uses the principle of reverse osmosis to remove 95-99% of all the mineral and chemical contaminants from raw tap water. PurePro products gives you the quality of bottled water with the convenience of a faucet mounted on your kitchen sink.

How does Reverse Osmosis differ from a Water Filter ?

Ordinary water filters use a screen to separate only particles of dirt sediment from water. Reverse osmosis employs a semipermeable membrane that removes not only particles but also an extremely high percentage of dissolved contaminants-molecule by molecule- from raw tap water.

What is the membrane and how does it work ?

The membrane consists of several thin layers or sheets of film that are bonded together and rolled in a spiral configuration around a plastic tub (This is also known as a thin film composite or TFC membrane.) The material of the membrane is semipermeable : it allows water molecules pass through while acting as a barrier to dissolved solids (i.e.: mineral chemical contaminants). When the feed water stream passes across the surface of the membrane, the PurePro molecules penetrate the membrane surface, working their way around the spiral and collecting in the center tube. The remaining contaminants are concentrated and washed from the surface of the membrane down the drain.

Can you explain Osmosis ?

Assume a membrane is semipermeable, allowing water to pass through while being closed to dissolved salts. Place a membrane between two compartments in a container as shown in the figure to the right. Then place a salt solution in one half of the container and pure water in the other half. Now a fundamental scientific principle comes into play. That is, two different concentrations of liquids within the same system will try to reach equilibrium (i.e. the same concentration of contaminants) on both sides of the membrane. Of course the only way for this to happen is for pure water to pass through the membrane to the salt water side in an attempt to reach equilibrium is called OSMOSIS.

What is Reverse Osmosis ?

Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of osmosis. In a water purification system, the goal is not to dilute the salt solution, but to separate the pure water from the salt and other contaminants. When the natural osmotic flow is reversed, water from the salt solution is forced through the membrane in the opposite direction by application of pressure-thus the term REVERSE OSMOSIS. Through this process, we are able to produce pure water by screening out the salts and other contaminants.

What is the actual process of the PurePro Home R.O. System ?

The raw tap water first flows through a 5 micron particle FILTER[1] to remove dirt, rust and other sediment. The water then flows into a carbon briquette cartridge FILTER[2] which takes out 98% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. The next stage of the process is FILTER[3] 1 micron sediment filter or the Block carbon filter to filter multi-chemical compounds and suspension. [4] The reverse osmosis membrane (TFC) which will separate 95-99% of the dissolved contaminants from the water molecules.

The contaminants are then washed down the drain. The next stage of the PUREPRO RO SYSTEMS process is the small CARBON FILTER [5] removes the remaining traces of chemicals, tastes and odors. Typical Flow Chart The R.O. water is stored in a 3.2 gallons TANK[6]. Inside the tank is a balloon-like rubber diaphragm, pre-charged with 8-10 psi of air. As the tank fills, the air pressure increases and pushes the water out when the faucet is opened. The final element of the PurePro Series system is a POLISHED CHROME FAUCET [7]. It is installed on the kitchen counter or the sink. It is a dual action faucet offering intermittent flow (to fill a glass, hold the handle down) or continuous flow (to fill a coffee pot, lift the handle up).

How did Reverse Osmosis get its start ?

Although the idea of reversing osmosis has been known for over 10 years, the practical application is a recent development. In 1962 the U.S Government funded the first R.O. plant which processed 1000 gallons clean water per day. Today, there are more than 3000 large R.O. treatment plants, each producing more than a million gallons of drinking water each day. In 1991, the U.S. Army bought 8,000 large membranes to their mobile water purification units for troops in Desert Storm. In 1993, the U.S. Government bought another 6,300 large membranes to purify flood water in the Midwest.

Will R.O. remove Sodium from the water ?

YES! Reverse Osmosis was originally designed to make sea water drinkable for the navy. It is ideal for anyone on a low sodium diet.

Does R.O. remove Bacteria ? Cryptosporidium ?

YES! An R.O. membrane has a pore size much smaller than bacteria virus, pyrogen or the cryptosporidium parasite. When functioning properly it will remove all microorganisms from tap water and produce sterile water .

What does the PurePro series drinking water tast like ?

The taste of the PurePro water depends on the amount of contaminants in the tap water originally. If 95% of dissolved minerals and chemicals are removed, the R.O. water may taste like distilled water (no minerals), bottled water (low mineral), or natural spring water (moderate mineral content).

How will the PurePro series water affect mixed beverages ?

Because reverse osmosis removes invisible contaminants that mask flavor, it allows the natural taste of your beverages to come through. You will be able to use less coffee and still get the full flavor. Concentrated beverages like orange juice will taste tangier. You will probably be drinking a lot more water as well, since many people drink soda, Kool-Aid, concentrated juices, and beer as an alternative to bad-tasting tap water. Also, PurePro eliminates most of the lime build up on drip coffee makers, preventing the need for frequent cleaning. No longer will you find the white scum on the inside of pans after boiling water.

Don't people need minerals removed from the water ?

Most of the minerals that we receive are from the foods we eat. Only a very small percentage comes from the water we drink.

Where is the PurePro series drinking water system installed ?

The PurePro System is usually installed underneath the kitchen sink. So installers prefer to locate the equipment in the basement or in a crawl space since the water may stay cooler there, and can be easily run up to the kitchen sink, as well as to a refrigerator & additional faucets in the home.

Can the PurePro system be connected to an extra faucet ?

Yes. It only takes a 1/4″ tee and tubing to run the water to a refrigerator or a extra faucet. Some families run PurePro system to all of their bathrooms.

What factors affect the quantity and the quality of the water produced ?

There are four major variables to consider:

1. PRESSURE. The greater the water pressure, the better the quantity and quality of the water produced. Water pressure of 60 psi ideal. PurePro include one booster pump can make sure the water pressure.

2.TEMPERATURE. 76*F is the ideal water temperature for R.O. 40*F water will cause the production of R.O. water to fall to half of that at 76*F. The maximum water temperature recommended is 85*F.

3.TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS). The higher the amount of dissolved contaminants in the water, the lower the quantity of water produced. A high level of TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS can be overcome with additional water pressure.

4. MEMBRANE. Different membranes have different characteristics. Some produce more water than others; some have better contaminant rejection capabilities; some have greater resistance to chemical abrasion for longer life. PurePro system comes with TW30-1812-80 The Thin Film Composite(TFC) membranes combine the best of these characteristics and are considered the finest membrane in the world.

How much water does the PurePro system produce ?

Under ideal conditions, the TW30-1812-80 TFC membrane is rated at 80gallons of production per day (80gpd at 80~100psi). Under the average conditions, the consumer can expect 70-95 gallons of product water per day. But that’s still a lot of water for the average household’s drinking and cooking requirements.

Can the amount of water produced be increased ?

Yes. There are several ways: 1.At night, fill a pitcher with water from the tank. The emptier the tank the faster the water production. By morning the tank will be filled with fresh water. 2. A second membrane can be added. An additional membrane is required to double the capacity of the PurePro System.

What is the guarantee on the PurePro System ?

The PurePro System (excluding filters) is guaranteed for 1 years for material and workmanship. All defective parts will be replaced free within the first year. The membrane has a one year pro-rated guarantee.

What is the maintenance schedule for the PurePro System ?

The three pre-filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months. The first is a 5 micron sediment cartridge. The second is a Carbon Cartridge. The third is a 1 micron sediment filters. (some system comes with the Extruded carbon filter.) Failure to change the cartridge every 6 months may allow chlorine to destroy the membrane. It is very easy to change the prefilters. Just order the needed filters from us and all system come with the housing wrench to open the filter housings so you can maintain your system yourself and feel confident about your drinking water.

When should the membrane be changed ?

One indication is a gradual reduction in water production caused by a layering of minerals and salts on the membrane surface. Another is a gradual deterioration in the quality of water being produced. You my notice a different taste or more white scum on the inside of a pan of water you are boiling. This might mean the R.O. membrane is disintegrating and requires replacement. (Note: Water Quality Tester TDSX1  help you to know when you should change the R.O. membrane or the best buy unit (RO103TDS).

What contaminants does Reverse Osmosis Remove ?

The PurePro System contains a quality carbon filter which will remove more than 98% of organic chemicals from the water. These include THMs(chloroform), DBCP, lindane, TCEs(trichloroethylene), PCEs(tetrachloroethylene), carbon tetrachloride chlorine, In addition to these organic chemicals, below is a partial list of other contaminants removed by the Re1812-70 TFC membrane. The percentage of removal shown below is a conservative estimate.

Tips for sell more RO

Many of us were thoroughly on how to demonstrate softener. Unfortunately, less sales to have a specific of presenting a reverse osmosis (RO). That’s too bad , just like softener sales, there many demonstrations and experiments that the RO sales as and as sure. Let’s look some of the methods by great sales people around world.

Justifying the value

one really wants another payment. If you go into home to ” sell an RO,” that means , which also means you’re an uphill battle from the -. What if you could customers it costs nothing to all the benefits of water ? What if it made them a profit ? Good news ! That’s exactly you can show them, you take the time.

soon as you’re ready start talking about ROs, to ask a few . I recommend you have prepared to record answers. Figure 1 is one of , which we simply call “Drinking Water Survey Form.” You to preface your questioning saying it “helps determine what to recommend, and to much money you can saving.” We suggest you answers down immediately to form questions. Take a minute review this technique.

hope you see how exercise convinces the customer that ‘not there just to their money, you’re there to them better water and them money. Another advantage of form: If there’s a , classic like, ” I’ll it in two months,” ” I’ll get it next when my tax return comes in,” with a completed you’re already in a to overcome this. You’ve to the customer that by making the correct decision tonight, ‘not only be continuing untreated water buy they’ll be money. This is a to be in, and works.

The tea bag test

‘an interesting item to to your demonstration. The premise to boil RO water customers “raw” tap water in containers and make tea both. One serving suggestion with test: use orange pekoe , herbal. It’s the most tea in any supermarket.

a tea bag in container. The tea made the RO water will be more fragrant and clear. tea made in the tap will be brown, have lot less fragrance and have oil slick on the with particles floating in the . The harder the water, the distinct the contrast is the two. The best part this demonstration is the gets ceven clearer the longer leave it. One sales know asks clients to the water overnight and look it in the morning, an even bigger impact. to get the water boiling, not just warm. this demonstration is worth trouble.

Doggie's Choice

demonstration technique includes putting bowl of RO water and bowl of tap water, from the tap, on the . Use identical bowls to sure the test subject-the family – isn’t used to drinking of one of the bowls. the family bring their in (this test will work birds, also). The animal always choose RO water, they can smell the fact it has no chlorine. is the reason why many and cats drink out the toilet bowl, toilet water sat in the bowl enough for the chlorine to . Remember, many people will an RO system for their , fish or plants, while ‘unwilling to spend the on themselves.

The ice cube demo

to the tea bag but not as dramatic, putting an ice cube from tap water into container filled with RO . As the ice cube melts, flakes that look like leach into the pristine water. can make this demo even worse by bobbing the cube with your finger. , if the homeowner is a –drinker, offer to mix a for them with RO . I have sold many using this technique, as whisky connoisseurs can definitely taste difference.

The TDS test & test

your exhibition / trade or in your show . If you’re selling in an with a high chlorine , test works well. Carry in your demonstration kit. The will often indicate a high TDS numbers in their water and turn black, in their water. How to the “TDS tester or tester”,

The taste test

Test is the climax the demonstration- the last test do before going for close. When performing this test, move quickly so the doesn’t dissipate from water.

the family up and each member a small RO water in a . Explain that you’re going a tasting, like a wine tasting, and the you have to do “cleanse the pallet” by RO water in the and swallowing or spitting in the sink. Get member to do this so the pallet and tongue completely cleansed. Now, quickly fill with tap water and each member to taste, swishing around the mouth as did with the RO water. you’ve done this right, will, at the minimum, get moans of disgust, as contrast the can now really the chlorine and any in their water. About third of the time ‘over to the sink spit out their tap in revulsion.

is a great set for the close. All do is hold up RO and their tap water, , “if it didn’t cost a more, which water would like your family to drink ? ” They always point the RO water and that they’ve just told you want to buy it. Refer to the savings you out with them at the using the Drinking Water , them they can be $30 or $40 per and getting better water.


You have a few that will make a difference in selling ROs. Maybe ‘already used some of , but have discontinued them some reason. Remember that people for emotional reasons. Demonstrations that sight, smell, taste and other senses as possible far more effective that lectures. , involve the whole family your demonstration. Many decisions today made ” for the children,” who would turn down RO system when their kids spitting tap water into sink in revulsion? Refresh your and get a bigger piece the RO pie.

Customer 1

I have received and installed Royal Series PurePro RS-108 you about a week after ordered it. This alkaline system replaced my much more Culligan RO system that I’ve using for more than 10 years. Even thought the Culligan worked fine, it lacked quantity of water that my needs.


Your PurePro RS-108 system worked a hitch after my . It gave our family lots “pure” alkaline drinking water (pH 8.00 ~9.50) alkaline, great water. My 10 gallons tank full most of the through out the day versus most of the time my old RO system. I very impressed with the design, superior product (better performance lower cost), solidly build quality, good customer service (friendly staffs, e-mail acknowledgment, quick delivery time stated) (I have an background).


This system has already made family a lot happier the quality and quantity of water not to mention it will save me a of money and time the long run for (I will save more half the money buying them from PurePro on the and they are going to in doorsteps in a of days!). Again, thanks for wonderful product and let’s up the good works!

Customer 2

Just a note to you know how much family enjoys your PurePro RS-108 system. I looked at sites and I don’t any compared with the quantity water this makes. My gallon storage container when fully refills in 45 minutes ! I was expecting 2-3 hours. the water quality is !


I ran a gallon for years and this rivals my distiller at a better cost per gallon. was also leery at how noise it would make the booster pump running, but have to open my to see if it’s .

am impressed with your , but what really sold me your promptness for answering questions I had. Again nothing 5-stars to you and products. I would recommend the of the line model purchased, but I’m certain any your other systems are of the same quality. I beat a path to web sites and checked out 15-20 other models and your are either under priced over valued !

Customer 3

Mike, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You have been very helpful and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I attached the recommendation which wrote by Dave Meyerhofer.

” I purchased the model PurePro RS-108. I’ve purchased it in August, so its about 4 months old now. My background in is electrical engineering & manufacturing, so my natural instinct is to closely examine, sometimes disassemble and figure out how things are made and how the individual components fit together. In general, all RO units, regardless of the manufacture, are pretty simple and all use basically the same parts. The PurePro RS-108 is unique in that its all electronically controlled, replacing the typical pressure-actuated and manual valves with electronic solenoids. The PurePro RS-108 is a neat design.

The individual parts, including the electronics, are all high quality. All of the individual components are well integrated and fit together like it was “designed”, not just a rough assembly of off-the-shelf pieces. Even the paint on the frame was flawless. Another impressive feature is the pump. I was expecting something much smaller but this is a “substantial” pump ! I was concerned about pump noise, but its quite quiet.

I mounted my RO under my kitchen sink. I replaced an existing RO system, so my particular installation was quite easy. Normal installation would take more time and be harder, but certainly it is a job that most homeowners could tackle. There is no assembly required, all parts, filters and connections were supplied. All you have to do is install it.

I spent many hours on the internet searching for an RO system. I was skeptical about the PurePro RS-108 because the price appeared to be too low for what was being advertised as compared to other RO systems. After seeing and using the unit for 4 months, it is a great value. I would recommend it to anyone and I would buy another one. Overall, this purchase experience has exceeded my expectations

Customer 4

Received the unit today. Installation was very easy and your instructions were very great. Thank you again for the extended discount to offset the shipping cost to Hawaii. I believe I’ve already sold another unit to my neighbors. I’ve given them your card and the brochure that you’ve enclosed.

Customer 5

Hi. I just bought and installed your water purifier. First of all, let me congratulate you on building such a wonderful product and selling it at such an unbelievable price ! I’m familiar with RO purifiers ! Plus, your service has been excellent, delivery speed acceptable.

Customer 6

I have received and installed the PurePro RS-108 and just thought I would drop you a line to say that I am very pleased with your product and thanks for the great service.

Customer 7

First of all I didn’t mention last time how pleased I am with the unit, I have looked at Culligan and Kinetico $1300.00 to $1550.00 and I can’t believe how lucky I was to find yours, the price, the extra filters, the standard sizes and the excellent web site and the tester, I will recommend you !

Customer 8

I received the Royal RS-107 MR that I had ordered last week. I was impressed at the fast shipping, and no S & H fee as well as the price. The unit was easy to install and works great. according to the electrolysis device. I have told several people about your product already.

Customer 9

I purchased a RS-108 unit from you over a year ago and need to purchase new filters. Your unit has preformed flawlessly and enjoy my water very much.

Customer 10

Just a note to say thanks for the reply. I just got done changing my filters, it went without a hitch !! Still can’t believe how much water this unit makes !! I couldn’t use it that fast unless I used it for showering and all my needs. Again thanks and talk to you again soon.

Customer 11

My name is Robert Shaw, Stockbridge, Georgia.

I bought my Model RS-108 filter system, equipped with the Ultraviolet Light, and installed it in August 2013. My system is installed in the basement and plumbed to the kitchen sink, icemaker and the two bathrooms on the other end of the house. I live in the country and have a well. My system has the pump to keep the pressure necessary to provide sufficient water through the membrane and filters. I use the three gallon water storage tank and plumbed the bathrooms using 1/2 inch PVC pipe (35′ long). I sufficient water supply from the system for drinking, cooking, ice, etc. I also have a ten gallon bladder tank and did not have to use it as I have sufficient water supply from the three gallon tank for drinking, cooking, ice, etc. I am also considering installing a smaller system under the floor of my motorhome, and plumbing it to the kitchen, bath and ice maker. I put the filtered water in the batteries in my motorhome and three other vehicles. I have recommended Pure Pro to numerous friends. I also recommend installing the Pure Pro reverse osmosis system in any home using a well or public water system. The Pure Pro company has a superior product and they provide excellent service.

Customer 12

I just wanted to let you know that this has been the greatest purifying system we have ever owned. We had looked at many local big named companies before trying your product. We have well water and it is extreme. This system keeps our water at a consistent .02 and an occasional .01 ppm. On behalf of my wife and my baby girl we want to thank you for the great product and your awesome customer service. It is well worth every penny spent. Thank you.

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