PurePro® G-106A

New 6 Stage with Alkaline Filter



Alkaline Water For Better Health 
only filtration in the today that will reduce acidity the body and it produce natural calcium, magnesium, sodium potassium ions that can 100% in the human .

wastes (from the lifestyles lead – not only and drink, but also stress and other pollutants) are into the bloodstream and , then are transported to liver and kidneys for the processing and elimination. Keep that a pH of 8 and above is the range that is beneficial to good health: An alkaline is when your body is a healthy state therefore your body to fight bacterial infectious diseases as well as other critical diseases.

® G-106A is a super 6 stage filter system comes PurePro® USA Alkaline Filter, offer the very best in filtration and balanced pH for drinking. Using reverse osmosis with alkaline filter can actually 99.99% of contaminants and provide with healthy alkaline drinking water.

PurePro® Alkaline Filter 
Alkaline filter changes the RO water into a perfect Alkali Calcium Ionized Water. ® Alkaline filter simply gives minerals such as ionized calcium, , sodium, potassium ion, which were away while purifying the . The PurePro® Alkaline filter is and affordable.

– Produce perfectly ph-balanced water
– Help minimize the of your body’s pH.
– Turn acidic drinking into alkali calcium ion .
– This natural calcium, , sodium, potassium ions can absorbed 100%
– It is easily in the body because has structurally smaller molecules
– Makes the water and healthier.
G-Type Free Standing Bracket 
equipped with stand frame allows unit to be either standing or can be on the wall for space installation. The free-standing bracket design it easy to replace .


3.2 Gallons NSF Water Storage Tank.
FDA Approved Polypropylene Flat Cap Housing (o’ring).
Automatic Shut-off Valve, Flow Restrictor, Stainless Check Valve.
Long Reach Chrome (Upgrade Faucet is )
Feed water connector.
Drain Saddle Valve.
PurePro label with Flag
Four Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System
Completely Assembled
100% Factory Tested Sterilized Ready for .
Installation Instruction
High capacity booster . (optional)
TDS Mixing Valve ()


(Stage 1) 5 Sediment Filter :
With only five rating. It is effective removing dirt, rust sand particles.

(Stage 2) Carbon Filter:
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and chemicals. It provides reduction of taste, odor, color.

(Stage 3) 1 Sediment Filter :
With only 1 rating, provides effective filtration protect your membrane. provides for improved membrane performance up to 95% TDS rejection.

(Stage 4) Reverse Membrane:
A thin film (TFC) high quality membrane processes 50 gallons day. It remove the hard water contaminants may be present in water: lead, cooper, , chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, , nitrite, nitrate, and .

(Stage 5) Post filter:
This carbon post removes objectionable tastes and to enhance the of your drinking water. are using NSF post carbon to guarantee taste of water.

(Stage 6) Alkaline :
The Alkaline filter the acidic RO water a perfect Natural Calcium Ionized Water. The filter simply gives minerals such as ionized , magnesium, sodium, potassium , which were taken away purifying the water.

Membrane: 50 GPD / 189 LPD
With a booster (optional):
-Input in AC 110, 220Volt or 240Volt (50/60Hz)
Dimensions: (cm) 36 () x 47(H) x 21 () – system
(cm) 28 () x 28(W) x 35 () – tank
Weight: 10 kg – system
4 kg – tank

Model Number 
G106A :      G106A system
G106A-P :  G106A booster pump