PurePro® G-107MR

New 7 Stage with Mineral & Infra-Red



revolutionary new PurePro 6 system uses Reverse Osmosis, Mineral , Infra-Red Filter and Carbon to put refreshing, clean water your fingertips. No other system anywhere can give you three kinds of purification in system that is so .

Mineral Filter (6th Stage) 
filter improves the qualities clean water by adding necessary proper human development and , such as Calcium, Magnesium, , Potassium and others readily found many natural mineral waters.
installed with RO systems complement their absolute filtration qualities
: 6000 liters
in filtered water:
_2+: 34mg/l
_2+: 12mg/l
+: 22mg/l
+: 8.5mg/l
in filtered water:
_32-: 10mg/l
_42-: 0.3mg/l
-: 0.8mg/l
-: 0.06mg/l

Infra-Red Filter (7st Stage) 
effect of Far-infra-red rays our human body are as :
water molecules in our
oxygen level in our
and eliminating fats, chemicals toxins from our blood and smoothening the flow of .
of other waste from body
the acidic level in body
system functionality improvement.

G-Type Free Standing Bracket 
equipped with stand frame allows unit to be either standing or can be on the wall for space installation. The free-standing bracket design it easy to replace .


3.2 Gallons NSF Water Storage Tank.
FDA Approved Polypropylene Flat Cap Housing (o’ring).
Automatic Shut-off Valve, Flow Restrictor, Stainless Check Valve.
Long Reach Chrome (Upgrade Faucet is )
Feed water connector.
Drain Saddle Valve.
PurePro label with Flag
Four Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System
Completely Assembled
100% Factory Tested Sterilized Ready for .
Installation Instruction
High capacity booster . (optional)
TDS Mixing Valve ()

(Stage 1) 5 Sediment Filter :
With only five rating. It is effective removing dirt, rust sand particles.

(Stage 2) Carbon Filter:
It takes out 99% of the chlorine and chemicals. It provides reduction of taste, odor, color.

(Stage 3) 1 Sediment Filter :
With only 1 rating, provides effective filtration protect your membrane. provides for improved membrane performance up to 95% TDS rejection.

(Stage 4) Reverse Membrane:
A thin film (TFC) high quality membrane processes 50 gallons day. It remove the hard water contaminants may be present in water: lead, cooper, , chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, , nitrite, nitrate, and .

(Stage 5) Post filter:
This carbon post removes objectionable tastes and to enhance the of your drinking water. are using NSF post carbon to guarantee taste of water.

(Stage 6) Mineral :
This filter improves qualities of clean water adding necessary for human development and health , such as Calcium, , Sodium, Potassium and others found in many mineral waters.


(Stage 7) Infra-Red :
This Infra-Red filter activates water molecules in body and improves level in our body. and eliminating fats, and toxins from our and thus smoothening flow of blood.

Membrane: 50 GPD / 189 LPD
With a booster (optional):
-Input in AC 110, 220Volt or 240Volt (50/60Hz)
Dimensions: (cm) 36 () x 47(H) x 21 () – system
(cm) 28 () x 28(W) x 35 ()- tank
Weight: 11 kg – system
4 kg – tank
Model Number 
G107MR     : G107MR system
G107MR-P : G107MR booster pump