Water Ionizer JA-703

Alkaline Ionizer 
7 Platinum Titanium Plates


7 Platinum Titanium Plates, highest & constant pH, high negative ORP 
alkaline water is probably single most important thing you do for your health -. 7 plates water ionizer can you flush excess toxins your body. 

Ionized Water is one the greatest preventative health advances technological marvels of the 21st , yet it has gone entirely unnoticed. Ionized Water is powerful Antioxidant providing the body tremendous amounts of oxygen lots of Energy. It very Alkaline and helps neutralize flush acid waste from body. It is a Hydrator and Detoxifier because Ionized molecule clusters have been “reduced” size (from 10 to 5) and therefore is “lighter”. Ionized ‘smaller size allows it your body more effectively, out toxins as it easily through your body’s tissue.

PurePro® Water Ionizer – Save Lives 
world’s number one water is PurePro Water Ionizer. It with the large 7 coated pure titanium plates, 1368 cm. (est. life 20 , latest Japanese University technology). It an Ionized Water of about 11.00 pH or higher, depending your water source. Regarding quality ionization strength, the PurePro Water is comparable to any ionizer on the market.

Five levels of water.
Two levels of water, including super-oxide.
Filter water (non-ionized) – by Silver Coated Activated Filter
7 Platinum Pure Titanium , 1368 Sq cm. 
Stainless steel output
Stylish upright look full electronic LED panel.
Water flow display .display indicator
High negative ORP & display indicator 
Built-in auto-flushing electrode.
Unique post-operation automatic silent cleansing for lifespan
Sound confirmation every you select a different level
Filter usage liquid display indicator
Easy 1-minute change compartment
Optional ability to direct to plumbing and under mains pressure

Automatic Electrode Cleaning 
New technique of water flow regulation reverses polarity of the electrode and changes water flow direction. Thus, alkaline and water is available for even while the is cleaning.

“You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. ‘treat thirst with medication.” You not just what you ; you are what you drink. is why water is important to your health.

PurePro® Water Ionizer JA-703 is currently in Taiwan and is of the best selling water available in USA. It the patent and awards throughout world (Japan, Taiwan, HK…etc) It an extremely popular unit it is an affordable extremely quality unit.


Voltage : AC-110V / -240.
: DC-2A~6A
Chamber: Area: 1368cm2
consumption: 100-200W
level : +500MV ~ -700
Capacity: 12,000L
: (cm) 31.5 (L) x 25.5 (W) x 13.5 (H)
: 5.5 kg